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  1. Hi there, thanks Line6 for lates update and all efforts. (hooraayy) So, I downloaded a CustomTone Preset, from the Helix section. Got Helix Native. It's called Fusion for reference. Then, Opened the Preset and stripped out the Amp + Cab. Imported Preset (also drag/drop) on Hx Edit. Voilá, imported perfectly, sounds and everything. But the mystery... is that the HXFX unit itself only shows the Preset Title on Screen Mode, but when you enter to see the Effects, they're all blank, like an empty preset. Tried to turn off/on, save on different bank, edit and save, and nada. Plays perfect (which I can see on HX Edit) but the HXFX has no single pedal on screen. lo. Has anyone tried yet? I'll import a Helix LT next to see the results, and maybe.. maybe, had I downloaded a helix native patch and that is why? I recall downloading the Helix Floor, plus, I see most of the same presets names on both.
  2. The particular (annoying) issue that all Line 6 products have, is that their expression pedal inputs are the few in the market today that use TS cables. The very reason for Mission having the EP1-L6 (otherwise you just can get the regular EP-1) is that is wired to specifically work with a Line6 TS input / cable (rather than the whole plethora of TRS expression pedals in the market we can't access to due to Line6' TS inputs). So, here we go: What Mission Model are you using? The EP1-L6 ? Just run a regular guitar/patch cable (TS) between them. Hope this solves your issue.
  3. Yasss, i'ts possible. Indeed I've got a set of blocks in patch that is set like the following: 1 "Clean Channel": Minotaur as a Boost for a clean Amp 2+3 "Drive Channel": 2 is the Kinky Overdrive & 3 is the Teemah All of them are assigned to Switch #1, where Switch OFF (Clean): 1 , Switch ON (Drive): 2 + 3 - Attention to this detail. I've used 1 Swicth, but 3 blocks. HXFX holds up to 9 blocks. Unit allows using 6 switches. Imho, If you are going to get it, I really recommend reading the manual, the whole manual, hopefully a couple of times. You'll find many answers there which will tell you if this unit is the proper one you need, or you need a different one (more/less blocks, or you really need to load amps, form factor, etc...) . That's what I did and don't regret purchase a bit, all the opposite, considering I was using only pedals.
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