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  1. Hi MusicLaw, I just tried the internal oscillator synth (thanks for the suggestion) and, Yes the hiss is still present in the headphones as it was before (Left Monitor Only). I tried putting the Input Block to Guitar with Headphone Knob at full clockwise with no extra blocks, as you suggested, and get the hiss only when I strike a string. This also happens if I use the Aux input.
  2. Hey everyone, My Helix Floor just acquired a new issue and I wanted to bring it by you all here to see if anyone has had a similar issue, before taking it in or opening a ticket. I have been using my Helix for a few years, but after returning from a gig a new problem has developed. When using the Headphone output, the Left Monitor has an audible hiss that occurs whenever I play through the Guitar or Aux input. It is especially prominent on lower frequencies. If I use the USB as the input (ex. for a track), there is no hiss. I have swapped out guitars, cables, and headphones, and eliminated each one of them as the hiss culprit. So the problem seems to be with something in the Helix. I did a factory reset and updated to the most recent firmware, but the hiss remains the same. As mentioned above, this started happening after returning from a gig. I would not be surprised if the travel damaged the Helix, despite being in a reinforced Gator Road Case (Seen Here), but there's no physical damage on the Helix or case so I can't totally point the finger in that direction. I have attached a short video below. I couldn't capture the sound from the actual headphones, as my phone wouldn't pick up the sound. So, I plugged a little Powerwerks 50 PA Speaker into the headphone jack, and captured the sound that way. For the video I used the standard Helix presets for the US Double NRM and Essex A30, with a front noise gate (my tele has a hum), and no effects. Any suggestions are welcome. Also, if any of you are in NYC and have a recommended Helix tech, throw their name my way just in case I do need to take it in! Thanks - Zac Youtube Video:
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