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  1. cruisinon2. I did not offend or insult anyone. You allowed yourself a dismissive tone and insults to me. From this, anyone can conclude that your development is low. Well-mannered and polite people don't do that. You turned everything around the way you like it. Is there a forum where you can only praise Helix? I said thank you to everyone and ended the conversation, but you still got in after it ended to prick me again. What for ? This is what "trolls" do ... I expressed my opinion that this is an unjustifiably expensive and low-quality product, I am a user who paid my earned money for it and I HAVE THE RIGHT to express my opinion. Why are you CONSTANTLY interfering and trying to MAKE or OFFLINE me? Yes, I am very upset that I paid so much money for a bad machine. You turn everything to your advantage. I expressed my opinion on examples, for example, that the tuner has not worked for many years, the factory models of amplifiers sound bad and there are no normal IRs in the device's memory. Let's end this. Don't act like a "troll", don't try to prick me again.
  2. Thank you all for your communication, advice and comments. I made the final conclusion - in order to get good sound from Helix, you need to sell it :) ... and buy a good processor :)
  3. PierM. In the case of Fractal Audio, there is absolutely no need to tune the amplifiers, because they already sound good, there is no need to look for good IRs, because they are already in the device in the amount of 2000! On Helix, if I need a good sound of an overloaded amplifier channel, I either need to tune for a very long time, or PAY ALREADY for the device PAYING FOR well-sounding presets and IRs. What can you say about the fact that for many years Helix programmers have not been able to properly program the tuner? Many people complained about this, but they did not help them, but on the contrary, they threatened to be banned because people were telling the truth. Any inexpensive clothespin tuner works better and more accurately, but they don't want to hear it, fix it, preferring to delete objectionable reviews or threaten, perhaps as a joke, or perhaps not as a joke!
  4. Thank you all for your communication, advice and comments. I close the topic and go to sell my Helix :)
  5. Waymda.When I was just going to buy on the forum, I did not find stories about what a headache it really is. I want to warn those who have not bought yet and will go to see user reviews. I gave my money to the company Lina 6 and used their device for a year. I have the right to warn beginners and advise what they need. I would be grateful if a year ago someone told me this so as not to waste money
  6. PierM. I will do so if there is someone who wants to buy.
  7. Я мучился с этим устройством целый год и могу сделать выводы: если вам нужна головная боль и плохое звучание "нестандартных" усилителей, если вы хотите потратить часы, дни, месяцы, пытаясь добиться нормального звука, потратьте часы времени Чтобы найти или за сотни долларов купить хорошие ИК, которые бесплатно не даются в комплекте, купите отдельный тюнер, так как встроенный плохо работает, тогда Helix - это то, что вам нужно. Если вы хотите получить «из коробки» великолепно звучащие усилители и несколько тысяч отлично звучащих кабинетов, не тратить много времени на настройку и быстро получить хороший звук, тогда обратите внимание на Fractal Audio. P.S. I have nothing to do with the company or sales of Fractal Audio, I am a simple Helix user who has been suffering with it for a year and dreams of selling it in order to buy a normal processor
  8. I bought Helix a year ago. During this time, I conducted many experiments. I know for sure that if you just take an amplifier and add a cabinet, then there is still something good for the pure sound, but for metal, none of the amplifiers sound good without clever chains. The manufacturer has not been able to improve the sound and make the configuration easier with firmware updates. I suffered for a long time with the built-in tuner and then bought a shopping TC Electronic , Helix for several years could not make a normal tuner. Fractal Audio allows you to take any amplifier, add a cabinet from the included 2000+ and get excellent sound both on clean and on overdrive. This device sounds good "out of the box" and allows you to get good sound quickly and easily without long settings. I feel sorry for the money spent on Helix, because for a long time they have not done anything for me to improve the unfinished "out of the box" device. I just want to take a ready-made amp and cabinet, add delay and reverb and play, not wrestle with how to make it sound normal. Unfortunately Helix with all the updates does not provide such an opportunity.
  9. cruisinon2. Do not be rude, especially to strangers. Are you really cool when you bravely insult someone over the internet? This is how people with a very low level of development behave. I do not know English well, so I can easily make mistakes in the expression of thoughts. But I doubt that you will be able to better express your thoughts in my native language. To all the others who answered - many thanks for the advice and comments.
  10. Shivabhairava

    128 IRs

    Nowhere do I find complaints about this annoying restriction. Is 128 pieces enough for everyone? For example, I have already rewritten them about 20 times a year ... this is very little and very inconvenient. Fractal Audio offers 2000 loaded and good IRs and memory for 1000 of its own. The tuner still works very badly, despite the constant firmware updates. Also, why doesn't Line 6, unlike the same Fractal Audio, give ANY usable IR for free? Why don't amps sound good without cabinet pulses and long, complex chains? At a device price of 1000 euros and more, all this should be corrected, but Lina 6 only sit and smoke ...
  11. I could not figure out what to do on the specified link. I speak English very poorly. Your profile indicates: Line6 expert. Could you personally help me with this problem ?? The file is still empty after downloading. I repeated the download many times and still get an empty pack. Other files purchased on the Marketplace load normally. The problem is only with the "Pivy 5051 V30 Cabinet IR file".
  12. Does anyone here really know the answer to my question ?? Can someone tell me where to go ?? Forum moderators are related to Line 6 ?? Moderators, help with advice !! Do not ignore my question !! I live in Ukraine and our average salary is $ 100. I paid $ 49 for an empty folder !! Moderators, help with advice !! Where to go ?? What to do ??
  13. Hello . Recently I bought several files with presets and IR in Marketplace. Angel 412AE NeoCB Essential Cabinet IR (91-013-0001-01) HX Stomp Full Bundle (91-014-0010-02) These files are fine. Pivy 5051 V30 Cabinet IR (91-013-0157-01) When I download this file I get an empty pack with the inscription. Please forgive me if I wrote in the wrong place. I live in Ukraine and speak English poorly. What should I do ? I paid the money, but did not receive the goods.
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