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  1. Thanks or all the replies! I've decided I'm gonna make the jump into digital and now just waiting to sell my current amp and cab. There is no possibility for me to try this stuff before buying and I'm limited to ordering online most likely from Thomman since I'm European, I am however intrigued about studio monitors vs a larger size powered speaker. What would be the advantage here ? Also I've become interested in the Headrush due to what seems a really simple and noob friendly interface compared to the Helix, so even thou is over budget I'm reading about pros and cons between the two. And one more question: do different pick-ups sound different on modelling gear ? Or si that becoming a non factor with this type of tech ? Any other info highly appreciated!
  2. Heya forum dwellers, I need help with understanding some things about Helix. As I dont have time to read thru this forums I try to explain my situation/expectations here. I’m a beginner bedroom player and I enjoy learning and playing my favourite heavy metal riffs after a day’s work and thats probably where my playing level will stay. Before I started guitar I bought a 50W Mesa boogie amp and 1x12 cab and once I started to understand gear a bit the obvious conclusion is the amp is not bedroom friendly, in fact it doesn't sound all that good unless you get it at a volume where neighbors from every direction start complaining. I tried to fix this with smaller wattage amps like 5W and even 1W but I ended up returning them as the 50W at low volume sounds way better compared. Is something like Helix going to give a better fuller high gain tone AT LOW VOLUMES than what a valve amp can deliver ? Or is the Helix something that only a gigging guitarist should buy ? I know music sounds better at higher volumes cause thats how human ears work, but does the digital gear maintain its tone properties at low volume better than valves can ? I’m looking at a Line6 Helix LT with something like an ALTO TS210 to fit my budget (as I understand a normal cab limits what Helix can do) CHEERS!
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