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  1. Hi! I apologise for the extra bump since the thread was created two weeks ago. Since (I believe) you have already purchased the product, I was wondering if you could enlighten me: if I buy the product once, can I use it on both my interface and Behringer mixer? Two separate devices but I don't know if the software is a one-device thing. Also, which version of Podfarm standard would I need to purchase if I used my Scarlett Solo interface? I'm also really confused. I see that there is hardware independent software for interfaces that are not a Line 6 device *such as my scarlett interface* but cannot find it on the store page. I'm so confused which version to buy so I know it'll work as soon as I buy it. Thanks if you can help!
  2. Ah, thanks so much for the information! I'll look into it :)
  3. Thanks a lot for the advice. I do media production like live-streaming games and recording them, so a reflection filter will get in the way. I was wondering if getting foam panels such as https://www.amazon.co.uk/Super-Dash-Pyramid-Acoustic-Foam/dp/B06Y61WQMJ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1537554580&sr=8-4&keywords=foam+panels is any good? My problem is that my desk is in a corner facing the wall with my other wall behind around 5 feet behind me, so I'm not sure if implementing these foams would be ideal or would improve anything. Sorry, forgot to mention. I use Windows 10 Pro Thanks for replying!
  4. Hi. I was wondering if I could receive some feedback for PODFARM if anyone could help me out. I'm interested in media-creation and would love to improve my sound quality using PODFarm, and have invested into hardware such as a Scarlett Solo (interface) and a Behringer Q802USB mixer. I main my mixer since I have more control. My question is that I've seen many tutorials and reviews of this program on YouTube, and I've only seen the people in the videos have a Line 6 UX2 Pod interface, which I do not have. Is this required? I really want the software to improve my sound quality - but... I don't want to pay for something that is hardware-based. Can anyone help? Sorry, might be considered a very nooby question. Thanks if anyone can help though! JUST TO ELABORATE: I use a microphone for content-creation which is a Marshall MXL770 (Cardioid/Condensor microphone) and want to make my microphone sound much nicer quality when I speak as well as having live effects when I can. PLUS I have an additional question. I personally want to stream and have seen a lot of people use this to improve their quality. I was wondering if this could potentially help me not only in making my voice sound with different post-processing effects (Such as a radio voice) but helping my microphone sound more clear and reduce reverb as my bedroom has laminated flooring? I'd like to get this software anyway, but I'd love it even better if it can help reduce the reverb so it sounds nicer and less echo-ey.
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