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  1. Hiya, cheers for the response, I copied an image of the card, and put it into a new one, but same problem, although I have noticed that if I leave the amplifi on (even though the lights are blinking and it can't be used) for about 10 minutes, then try again it boots up(!?) Maybe it only works when it is warmed up, could try and convince myself it's a valve amp, and the valves need "warming up" prior to using. Cheers, like yourself I'm decidedly underwhelmed with the reliability, and will think again before purchasing anything by line 6
  2. sorry if you have heard this before, but was just after some advice: purchased an amplifi 150 through Ebay, and couldn't get it to work (lights blinking) so I updated through USB and it worked great, so I obviously left some positive feedback, hence closing the sale. only didn't realise that as soon as I turn it off and then back on again I have the lights blinking, (also doesn't reset through tone and volume). I have two choices; It seems that every time I want to use it I have to update through USB, or I just leave it on permanently. I have read somewhere that these have a micro SD to store info' could it be that line 6 use cheap ones that become corrupt easily? and if replaced may allow the amp to function? many thanks would like to hear if people have had similar problems and how to resolve, if possible
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