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  1. I just submitted this to Line6, but thought that I'd reach out to the community. I got my Spider V 120 less than a month ago. 2 days ago (the last day i played), everything was fine, no problems. Today, I turn the amp on, I got no sound coming out. Eventually, I unplugged EVERYTHING and plugged in everything that I had previously, swapped out everything (multiple guitars, multiple cables), plugged in and unplugged the pedal board, plugged in and unplugged my tablet. I currently have nothing at all plugged in -- amp plugged into the wall (power comes on, i can change presets) and a guitar plugged straight into the amp. I get no sound at all. I unplug the guitar and touch the cable (still plugged into the amp) and I get nothing, no clicking noise like you usually get. Anyone encounter this? Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Bigger shoe than my 11 1/2 EEEE to kick the friggin thing?!?
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