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  1. In my defense, the instructions from the 2.9 updated seemed to indicate that all future updates would be straight from the existing HX Edit: "Update Firmware From HX Edit Helix Floor, Helix Rack / Control, Helix LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp Instead of hanging out on social media, desperately asking when the next firmware’s dropping, you can now, I dunno, actually play guitar? As soon as a new update becomes available, HX Edit will tell you, and all you gotta do is follow the prompts." That's what I did. When I opened it up, it gave me the option to Update and I followed the prompts. There WERE no instructions listed with this update so I assumed that this is what I should do. Maybe I'm not the one NOT researching.
  2. I just updated to 3.0 with no errors. The screen and HX Edit both say 3.0 but I have no new amps and no new effects. Any ideas? This is the Helix Floor. Windows 10.
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