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  1. Hi guys, I just purchased a Shuriken SR270 (unfortunately I have to send it back to get a replacement because one of the piezo pickups is faulty). I've had a bit of a play around with the guitar, and I figure the replacement will likely be the same in terms of action, and need adjusting. The higher up the neck you go (toward the body), the further away the strings start going from the fret board (first few frets the strings are very close to the fret board, and there is some fret buzz on the low E especially). Bends are also very difficult with the amount of tension, especially higher up. I noticed there's no way to adjust bridge height. I can only move the saddle forwards/backwards, up and down, or adjust the truss rod in the neck. How would I go about changing the setup of this guitar? (Fixing fret buzz, the strings being far away from higher frets, and making bends easier)
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