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  1. OK, so I found a back door way to make it work. Path 1A is my main sound. I pick off the clean sound after the compressor and route it down to the 1B path. In the 1B path, there are four blocks. The first is the send block to the superego+, the next two blocks don't matter but have to be something so I grabbed the first distortion model. The last block is the return from the superego+. The return is set to ignore the dry in and just forward on the returned signal from the superego+, so at this point anything done to the signal by the middle two blocks is ignored. I then used the command center to map the external amp 1&2 to a stomp button and called it "Freeze". I mapped a second stomp button to external amp tip and called it "Thaw". I then selected the first of the two middle blocks, made sure it was diabled and mapped it to my "Freeze" stomp button being sure to select "momentary" as the button behavior. I mapped the second model to the "Thaw" stomp button. The Helix was nice and kept the custom name of "Freeze" and "Thaw" rather than showing "Multiple" on the scribble strip. On the superego+, I'm in latch mode. The dry signal is off and the effect signal is fully up. So, when I play a note, I can press the "Freeze" button and the superego will capture the sound and play it back as the effect signal which gets routed correctly. When I press "Thaw" or double tap "Freeze", the superego stops the effect sound so it produces only silence.
  2. Hi, I recently picked up a SuperEgo+ pedal to create drones for practicing against. The superego plus has a feature where it can be controlled from external switches. I want to use the external amp control on the helix to trigger the superego hold function. The problem I'm facing is that the exernal amp control on the helix appears to be latching (press to connect, press to disconnect). The superego wants the switches to be momentary (press to connect, release to disconnect). Is there a way to get the Helix to used momentary switching behavior on the external amp control output?
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