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  1. Thanks for the replies GiRa and SymphonicDischord. Well, that is a little confusing, to have some banks ready for one physical tuning while having others in another one, but it is ok. I guess I will do the same, keep it in standard and toy with the customs.
  2. Hi again Nippyjun. I'm still getting as much information as possible, have almost decided to buy one but still have some questions for you. I don't want to be super annoying, so feel free not to answer, you have already helped me quite a lot : ) I went to a local store, didn't had one (obviously) but they let me try a JTV-69 and a 27" baritone, the JTV was really good, what I expect from the variax modeling, and the baritone was not very unconfortable or weird, it seemed pretty good and normal, with a higher string tension. The questions are two. 1 - The tunnings: You said that the guitar comes tuned to Drop D right? And that all the presets are expecting this physical tuning. Is this the case? Should you change the guitar's physical tuning you should then adapt the models in the Workbench? This is only hypotetical, with this guitar I guess there is not much reason to change the pysical tuning. 2 - The helix: A helix with this guitar sounds veeeeeery sweet, but right now my wallet disagrees. I have readed many times that there should be no problem to play this guitar with any amp but ... have you tried it? Can give us any feedback on it? Another question on this topic could the power, with a helix you don't need the battery, is this the case when you are plugged to the computer? Thanks again man, if I get one (most likelly) I will stay arround and try to help the next guy.
  3. Hi Nippyjun, would like to ask you some questions if you don't mind. - You have had the guitar for some time now, what do you think of it? Are you satisfied? Any complains or highlights? - Were you used to 27" scale before? I think you said no but that you got the hang of it in a couple hours; after many more hours of playing do you miss some more confort or you feel now its just as good as any other guitar? - What have you been playing most? Low tunnings? The modeled guitars? Have you been djenting like hell? And a final question :- ) would you recommend it for a struggling guitarist which is still far from decent? Do you think it would be better to get the 25'5 model that its about to appear? Thanks a lot man, even if you don't answer, for the original post, it is always good to read opinions from an owner. Regards.
  4. Hello everyone, This is my second post on a short time about the Variax Shuriken, hope I'm not being a big pain in the lollipop. I would like to ask for some opinions. I have been playing guitar for some time but not that much, I am still learning and need huuuuge loads of practice to get to decent. When I saw videos in youtube about the Shuriken I thought that it was a great idea and super fun (did know nothing about the previous variax models, yup, my knowledge is low) I have been thinking on buying a shuriken, it looks cool, the possibility of having several guitars and several tunings on just one heavy guitar seems great. My question is, should I? For what I have readed many people seems that it models good enough, that the palm muting is ok, that is crazy fun to have a guitar like this, etc. for some other people it would seem that it sounds very artificial and their only compliment is that it is a good instrument for composing. - How good are the models? In youtube they seem good enough and my noobness plays in my favour here, can not tell the ES-335 from the real one because I haven't heard one in person. - Am I doing wrong buying this guitar? My main music is metal but I'm more into thrash, will I waste the potential of this guitar? Doesn't seems likelly, I like playing songs from genres that I don't specially like listening. I would love to play silly banjo songs, jazz, 50's rock etc. - Lastly, I have never used a baritone guitar before, when modeling I guess that will be no problem but will it be ok to tune the Shuriken SR270 to standard E? Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Regards.
  5. Hello fellas, I have been recently watching many Shuriken videos and liking the idea of this guitar a lot, I have been considering getting one. My problem is that I would not buy it now but in a year from now or so, I have no problem with waiting but I have readed that this guitar is a limited edition and now I'm fearing that they might sell out and I won't be able to get a new one. Do you guys think this can be the case? I don't know how much can a signature guitar like this stay in the shelves, I have no idea for how long are the Variax models produced. Should I consider buying it soon or hoping for the best? Has Line 6 or Stevik made any declarations in this regard? Thanks in advance for the replies. Regards.
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