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  1. I am so over this. First firmware fix bricked the transmitter. Second one fixed the brick. But, destroyed battery life and connectivity. Third fixed some battery life. Connectivity is still complete trash. I am literally 6 feet from the receiver and I am cutting in and out in 5 minutes. Not the guitar! I have 15 and I have tried them all. Its the damn system. I am so pissed right now. IT WORKED FINE UNTIL THE FIRST UPDATE! Probably won't work at all now. It is somewhere across the room or inside the wall this time.
  2. Nearly the same thing here. I had one that updated fine. I had another that flashed red. We left it unplugged for about an hour and thought we might try another cable. When we powered it back up, it was working as it should. Something to do with being unpowered for a while.
  3. Yes. Did exactly the same thing to both units. One is working great. The other is flashing red on the base. Transmitter is acting normal.
  4. Following. I have updated two G10s tonight and one of them is now just flashing red on the base. It was full charge when we began update. Also, it is not receiving.
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