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  1. Hello all! So, I just bought a TT and am awaiting shipment. I did a LOT of research beforehand and am hoping that most of the Bluetooth issues have been taken care of, but does anyone know if you can just use the USB connection to plug into an Apple device like a dock would? I mean, it's able to hook into a computer, I'd think a hardware docking connection wouldn't take much time or effort in a firmware upgrade. Not unless it was very poor software engineering from the beginning anyway. Not to mention that the iDevice would be 'charging' while it was plugged in, if it was set to act as a dock and not as a device. I get that 'Bluetooth Connectivity' makes it sound all special and cool, and 'we can charge 10% more because it's Bluetooth!' (For a $1.50 part), but I find in many things, just like in life, the K.I.S.S. guideline works best. Just wondering if anyone knows. I searched the forums and the web and didn't find an answer. Thanks! K1SFD
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