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    Spider V 240 amp

    Hello, I have the spider v 240 amp, i have never bought a effects pedal. In conclusion, will it be better to buy a separate effects pedal? thanks please help
  2. I do have an opposite problem, How can I get a distortion sound effect? and How come the amp that I bought recently 09/25/2018 which is Spider V 240, some of the presets doesnt sound the same on couple videos I have watched on youtube and here. I am thingking my amp is broken? I called the retailer technician(sweetwater) and was told that maybe those videos were made old and now have already an updated firmware, and also you dont know what exactly they did or add when they play the electric guitar on those presets thats why it doesnt sound the same. Since when you change presets it changes sound, I conclude that the amp is not broken. Please help, exmaple sound is citrus d etc. preset it sounds normal and no distortion on my amp same with arachnoid rhythm. note: I have updated my firmware correctly to the latest version 1.05 and tried factory reset on it. please help on what to do.
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