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  1. This is exacly what i do , not for same reason, but with same way: 1: my linux machine can't run HX EDIT, so it is running on a spare laptop. For my part , i found that your question make absolutely sense. Sorry for other , but driver CAN cause trouble,if not, this is luck.2: , running, like one said above, a better interface make sens also.Just a info : i run 2,69 MS Latency on my Linux machine and bitwig with a NAIVE INSTRUMENT Interface. Windows will NEVER make it so low. so , there is a primary reason why not using ASIO on a low budget build- in interface.
  2. exactly, thank you. i m just saying that Linux and the community of musician using it, is growing faster than many want see. To justify myself, i was using windows many years. Now is no real reason to do. Im sorry, BUT : Some of the greatest makers, LIne6, and Native Instr. Could at least consider to do something. The Linux Comm. do many, and ALL profit of it. even Line6 and NI...anyway. Fact is: i was asking , under some arguments, if someone could make HX EDIT running.i would like to have it running on my system, and not on a spare laptop. you might get more information's. The point is not that LIne6 had to maintain a HX edit for linux. The Community would do it. actually the problem is deeper, and understand it like VST under Linux, NO WAY if no wrapper like wine,,why ? just because STEINBERG DONT WANT give up the Licence right. but again, my request is toward HX EDIT and find a way to have it running.
  3. If HX edit could run under DEBIAN. That would be at least one real step forward. Anyone got it running now ? on DEBIAN or Ubuntu ? I see here a feature request. More and more Customers join linux and specially DEBIAN.( even the unbuntu fork) I still try to get it working , but no success for now.
  4. Hi, i woud like to use a Footswitch MIDI Controller to be able to on/OFF devices within 4 snapshots , of different presets. Can you guys recommend a MIDI Footswitch ? for now i didn't really got a answer. Controller can go up to 10 switches. not more. wich one will work perfectly and will be easy to program for the HX Effects ? Anyone willing to help for that ? Thanks in advance. Stay all SAFE ! : -)
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