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  1. New overwhelmed Helix product owner here, so I am learning from scratch. Not a whole lot of information out about HX Stomp yet, so I thought I would ask here about some signal chain considerations. I am using this in an ampless situation as a church worship leader, so my main purpose is for the amp & cab modeling to go direct to FOH. I plan to run acoustic and electric guitar. My current conventional pedalboard chain is compressor - parametric eq & boost - overdrive - overdrive - volume pedal - delay - reverb. Is there anything wrong with running the first part of my chain (comp, eq, drives, volume) in front of the Helix....so volume pedal out into the mono input on the HX? So, my blocks within the stomp would start w/ the amp - misc effects x4 - Cab. This way i don't have to use a volume block or an effects loop block for stuff I would already put in from of the amp.
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