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  1. Again, this is all very good information. It's great to have such support in making an informed decision. I forgot about the change in manufacturing origin (I had them several years ago), but you are right that most are made in the far east now. I also remember now about the long break-in time for the K701. It makes sense in starting from a balanced point of reference, then EQ if/as needed. Nice to hear they are still considered compared to the headphones mentioned (Oppos, Focals, etc.) I will definitely take a closer look at the K701 as a possibility.
  2. That is what I remember reading about the Stomp's headphone out. Thank you for clarifying (based on your recollection). I used to have HD650s as well for general listening, so those will go on the list for consideration. I look forward to your report - appreciated!
  3. I used to have a pair of K701s for general listening - thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I should clarify that it wasn't necessarily "weaker" but that I remember reading of experiences of struggling with output. I find that with my CIEMs I do have to turn up volume relatively high depending on the amp model, but more on some than others. I turn up the gain on the output "block" as needed (along with the model itself) to manage volume. I don't have a Helix floor or rack version to compare, so maybe they are the same. Ultimately, looking for a good match from others' experiences with the Stomp.
  5. I have read several threads discussing good headphone matches for the Helix, but I am curious about headphones that you find work well with the HX Stomp. I prefer an open-backed headphone for the experience (isolation is not an issue), but would consider other options. I have Custom IEMs but sometimes don't need that isolation when practicing and prefer the overall experience with open. I would appreciate a headphone that can handle a bit more bass when bumped - doesn't need to be "bass heavy" though. I use the HX Stomp with bass guitar and electric 6 string. I read previously recommendations for the Sennheiser HD600s with the Helix (which I would consider) but have also heard the headphone out on the Stomp may be a bit "weaker", therefore requiring a headphone with lower ohms rating. There may be people using headphone amps to remedy this, so that info is appreciated as well. Any feedback/thoughts would be appreciated! I apologize in advance, if I missed a thread already targeting/addressing this question.
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