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  1. Hey, Thanks for your come back That's what I've done ... I think ? AS weel, I don't reach to download the tones I make ( using double click for exemple ) and save the sounds ?? Do I have to enter directly whith the POD , presssing " SAVE " ? that's is what I'm thinking about just right now ? Have a nice day or everning, I don't know if it's night or day where you're living See you
  2. Thank you for your come back All in all, I could have the interface ( picture n° 2 ) but I stold my hairs ..... ( smile ) It's very interesting whith that and more confortable white the correct application. However, I still have a problem because I can't download sounds ' paterns My computer, finally recognezes 5ex extention, but I don't understand how I can registre that into the POD ? Do you know how ? Many thanks, See you and sorry for my english
  3. I really would like to see the POd interface on my computer, please find enclosed a capture of my computer, everythings seem to be ok (One picture is what I see in my computer, the second one is what I hope to see ) Many thanks
  4. Hey, Thanks for your response. In fact I would like to arrive properly into the interface whith permit me to make arrangements whith banks . It' s very complicated to use this kind of effet, no proper translation into french and it's a little bit hard to understand technic words in English Thanks I'll try again ... and again ....
  5. Hey Sorry for my english I'm French So, impossible to connect my HD 500 X to my computer via MONKEY I can't select HD500 in monkey, it doesn't appered In fact I would like to dowload new tons but impossible, my computer doesn't support the extension " 5WE " I 've downloded " line 6 updater " as well and the registration of my produit is done . Can you help me please ? Thank you Sincerly
  6. fafa50

    registration ???

    Hey, I've got a problem to registred my pod HD500 a message appears >>>>>> error 523 ??? Do you have any idear ? another thing please Is there a frech guy in this site ? it's very difficult for a french man to understand all this specific english language. Have a nice day thanks
  7. Hey, Sorry Man for my answer if you thought that it wasn't polite, very sorry , it's not my way of being, sure, I must apologise if you have thought that, sorry again Have a nice day
  8. Always me ..... I have an headeach for the registration , an error appears " There was an error processing your submission. ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523) Do you have any idea about that please ? Thanks
  9. Hey !! Many thanks for your answer, it's a little bit clearer for me now ( however the translation with google translate is not as easy as I could expect ) Thank you again, I'll try your way you told me, see you bye Have a nice week end
  10. Hey Thanks for your answer, I'am french and my english is not as good as it may seem .... specially in technic language ...Iand sorry, I thought that whith google translate, everybody in this earth could translate in it's own language, that's why I explain myself in french, sorry. All, in all, I 'll try to explain my desagrement with that effect In fact, I'm very disapointed , because when I use the Looper, I can registre a rythmic line, but if a I want to play a solo ( lead guitar ) , It sounds not high enough to ear correctly my solo , you see ? And also, I can't change the pitch , in fact it's the same sound in rytmic eand solo, I can't change or it deletes the rythm line ? I hope that you can understand my problem, very hard for me to explain correctly my thoughts Thanks you, good everning
  11. Bonjour, J'ai déjà fait cette tentative d'enregistrement, mais ça ne fonctionne pas En plus de la compréhension de ce POD, bien cmpliqué ( j'ai l'impression d'être un vieux débile dépassé, pourtant je ne suis pas complètement has been ( enfin je crois ) Je commence vraiment à regretter mon achat Autre point, je viens de comprendre le LOOPER , généial au demeurant mais je pensais pouvoir enregistrer un base rythmique, puis pouvoir jouer en solo part dessus, mais impossible de changer de son , et en restant avec le même son que la rythmique, il est beaucoup plus bas, autant dire que ça sert à rien Vraiment dégouté ..... Merci cependant pour votre aide ,
  12. Bonjour Bien que je branche mon pod sur l'ordi via le câble fournit, mon ordinateur ne le reconnait pas ? Auriez vous une idée ( je suis sous Windows 10 ) De même comment enregistrer mon produit sur ce site ? Je vous en remercie par avance Bonne soirée Fafaf
  13. Bonjour Je viens de recevoir la bête mais pour tout vous dire, cela me semble très compliqué d'utilisation .... En fait, bien qu'en connectant le POD à mon ordi, via le câble USB, se dernier n'est pas détecté ??? Auriez-vous des infos pour y arriver, idem je ne sais pas comment enregistrer mon produit sur le site, comment procéder svp ? Par avance merci Bonne journée
  14. fafa50


    Hey Thank you Mr Brown !!! Why on earth did I wrote in english !!! I'm not so fluent to understand everything, but I understood almost of your interesting comments. When you talk about front jacks ? you're talking about which kind of enters ? clean one, or crunch/overdrive enter ? Sorry about my english, hope you'll undersand me ? Frendly from France ( Normandy )
  15. Bonjour Sauriez-vous me dire s'il est possible d'utiliser un casque système bluetooth au sortir du XD 500 svp ? ( j'ai bien noté qu'il fallait un raccord 6.3 pour la connectique ) Par avance merci Bonne journée Fafa
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