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  1. I uploaded the patch on Custom Tone just for the heck of it. It's a really nice tone with that smooth Clawthorn drive. 8 Snapshots. Name is 3.50 under bp69589. Thanks again.
  2. Okay. I feel like a moron, after further investigation, I discovered the problem was that my DAW was in monitor mode on my guitar channels and as I would play the helix signal was mixing with the DAW monitored signal which of course led to the phasing issue. Duh! I think I'm good now. Thanks to everyone for the quick replies!You guys rock.
  3. After a smooth 3.50 update, I loaded up one of my go to studio patches and subbed out the new cabs instead of the legacy cabs. Same mics, same settings. The phase on it is so bad It is unusable. I went back to my old patch and it had phasing all over it now. What's up? Had no problems with phasing before this update. My patch is Wah-Clawthorne Drive-Script phase-2204 Mod- dual cabinet block w4x12XXL+4x12 1960T75-Deluxe Comp-Chorus-Delay-Verb- EQ LoHi cut-Gain block-Volume Block all mono. Any one else having issues with phasing? Never had problems before, this is annoying the heck out of me!
  4. Now for the second time I've gone through an update my Helix has boot failure. This infuriating. It gets half way through says firmware download was interrupted and now won't connect. All I get is Boot failure Entered update mode. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. This is the most difficult upgrade process I've ever encountered and I have been helping people with computer stuff for years. Since I can't connect to my computer through the lovely new updated Helix Edit 2.92, I can't do a back up. Can't do anything but look at a 1700.00 useless box at the moment.
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