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  1. Hi everyone! Got my new Helix and am in the process of setting up my live backing track show using Logic. So far I've learnt how to make program changes, but I am really struggling to get the Helix to control my Logic session from the Midi Out to Midi In of my interface. I've tried to make custom Key Commands, Control and Meta Events in the Events window, all with the appropriate corresponding foot-switches, but I have no luck, nothings happening so far. I have only managed to set up the Helix to Play and Stop using key commands, but I need each Preset on my Helix to correspond to a song and go to the Play head marker, and the ability to press play and stop for each song. Does anyone here have experience using Logic to control their setlist? Someone save me please !! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi guys, Maybe a simple question, I understand you can control Ableton from the Helix & you can receive program changes from midi. But how would you do both simultaneously? Do I send Midi out of the computer into the Midi in of the Helix (For program changes) , and send out Midi back into the computer (Setlist Control / Play-Stop etc.) Or is this all done via USB cable? Thanks so much!
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