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  1. Brief story: I got line 6 pod xt live and tried firmware ware update with all current versions of line6 softwares. Everything worked well until I was asked to switch the pedal off/on....then boom! <Invalid Error Code 02> The hustle: I followed all the pieces of advice on this mode, press this press that, smash it on the floor....*thats actually not part of it*; send it to the Line6 I.T. guys.... None of them is around my country. At some point I encountered using midi cables and read all I could, bought several cheap midi USB cables to no avail.... And to crown it all, I dropped a support ticket and the best option I got was to get a replacement...*smh* I can go on and on to tell you how bad it felt, but I'm here to tell you how I got it resolved. SOLUTION After two months with a dead pod, I finally invested in a midi USB cable that's a bit expensive *ROLAND UM one MK2*...ever encountered it? Well, that's what I used; I flashed the 3.1 with anxiety but ended up happy. The cable works. So if u are like the former me, get the cable and flash with all drivers needed. #P.S. I'm posting this so that no one will waste so much time, energy and effort it took me to figure this out.
  2. Thanks bro. I've tried all of them and none worked. No service centre in my country and none is even close. I've also sent a support ticket since last week and I'm yet to get any reply.
  3. Helo people. I really need your help. I tried to update my pod xt live firmware via USB...everything went well until I was asked to put it off and put it on again...the Boom! I got "Invalid Error Code 2". When I tried the update again, the button greyed out with a question mark. I've tried everything I saw on this error to avail. Whoever has overcome this should please tell me what to do. I've also tried midi cables, all that did was to do the update and go back to the error. Safe mode(using the first button under the display) does nothing. The cond button shows "SRAM testing...successful" only worked for 3days before I tried the update. I did the update on win7 32 bit.latest version of monkey and latest version of USB drivers. Pls help me. If the upgrade does have issues, is there a way I downgrade back to ver2?
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