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  1. Swirlygiver

    Battery replacement

    Wow. Thanks for the photo. Thats a tight squeeze. Looks like the battery comes out towards the heat sink. Did u solder it yourself?
  2. Swirlygiver

    Battery replacement

    Wasn’t the original 3 pin?
  3. Swirlygiver

    Battery replacement

    Did the battery clip have 3 pins? I don’t suppose u could send me a link to one? And did u take a photo of it afterwards?
  4. Swirlygiver

    Battery replacement

    Did the battery clip fit the existing solder location? And can u now change the battery without loosing memory?
  5. Swirlygiver

    Vetta vs Vetta II

    Can anyone tell me how different a Vetta II would be from a Vetta HD with 2.50 firmware? And do the Vetta II patches work on both?
  6. Swirlygiver

    Battery replacement

    Has anyone replaced their battery and added a battery clip, so that they don’t have to remove the board and solder? If so, where did u get the clip, and did u also change the battery type?
  7. Swirlygiver

    Questions on Line6 Edit

    I have Vetta HD (original), already at 2.50. I have had it a little over a year and I love it. I have not ever connected it to the PC for anything yet, and I have questions. First, is it worth it? I mean would it affect the life of the head, or be taking a chance? Second, Does it matter the versions of the Line6 software I use? Like just use the latest, or do I need to find older since mine is the original Vetta? Third, Do I have to use Monkey at the same time as Line6 Edit. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Swirlygiver

    Vetta HD no signal

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I just joined cuz I need some help. I picked up a Vetta HD about a year ago, and I absolutely love it. It was already flashed to 2.50 when I got it, and I’ve had no issues until now. I just turned it on the other day and I don’t get signal thru it. It does get a little noise when u plugin to the input and goes completely silent when unplugged. Everything looks ok, all of my patches appear to be there. I get the usual pop when I turn it on. The only other thing that doesn’t look right is: I have the FBV longboard, and now that has no backlight, and doesn’t show the patch name, it just says Line 6. The board does seem to still do all of its current assigned functions. I dont know when/if the battery was replaced last. I bought one but am reluctant to do it myself. Could this be the problem, even though the patches look ok? Any help is greatly appreciated. UPDATE: I got it working!!! I actually just had a loose connection, and a bad cable to my FBV board.