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  1. Using UX2, Podfarm version Pod Farm Version 2.59.0 POD Studio UX2 authorized 2 Apr 20 Windows 10 Home, Version 190 OS build 18362.778 PC, Dell Inspiron 5770 Intel i5-8250CPU @ 1.60ghz RAM 16GB Line 6 Licence Manager Computer Authorised Device UX2 Authorised Keeps saying that POD Farm 2 licence Trial? No idea why!! It was working fine, then I moved the PC and downloaded and installed Cubase LE. Since then the output audio has been distorted. I've changed the 3.5mm Stereo Socket to 6.35mm 1/4 inch Mono Jack Plug Adapter , tried different headphones.. Run out of options... Suggestions please... TIA Dave
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