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  1. Kilrahi...That did the trick!.......Thank you for taking the time to help me out. The FX bank is now 01A through 07B. DIR is 08A through 24C...(4CM, BAS, and ACO presets are back as well.)...That sound about right?........J
  2. There are no FX, 4CM, BAS, ACO, or KEY presets, no numbers for them as well...New Preset 1A is titled "I Surrender". (Not sure why that has a name?) All the other New Presets up to 25C are empty.......DIR presets start at 26A and go to 42C...That's everything in the Stomp. Firmware is 2.70.
  3. Just powered up the Stomp for the first time. I'm only getting the DIR presets. No FX, 4CM, BAS, ACO, or KEY presets. Am I missing something?....Thanks...J
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