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  1. Hi i was wondering how use the vocals effects if the helix lt doesn't has mic in. to make things worse, my micro needs phantom power, and i'm not sure but i read in some places that you can't connect the helix lt with anything that has phantom power activated, maybe i misunderstood something or this wasn't the information complete. i read something about use a "ART TUBE AMP" i think that this provide phantom power and connect to 1/4 return places... (idk if i need a send space too) 2 )Another option that i would prefer that works is using a mix console. i have a livetrack l12, but i don't know which inputs i would need to use. i think that with this the phantom power won't be a problem. because if you look the picture that i attach you could appreciate that it has 2 separates phantoms for 4 channels each one, and another channels without option for phantom. the Idea that i read would be connect the microphone to channel 1 of livetrack and activate the phantom. and connect the helix lt to livetrack in some way that ALL effects that i configure in helix go to all the instrument that i am using in the livetrack, but idk if that is possible or if exist any way to get vocal effects of helix in a microphone that needs phantom power. using just 1 helix 2 microphone 3 livetrack or any other mix console. 3) a third option could be use a boss rc 30, i don't have this one right now but i was thinking in buy one. this one has a mic in with phantom power and technically i can connect it to receive input? maybe if i use a microphone connected in rc 30 will work with the effect of the helix if the rc 30 is connected to helix? which inputs and outputs i will need to use? pd: tomorrow i will do another post asking about use the 2 loops track + 1 loop track from helix if is the same that has 3 channels with rc300 or if the aux input of rc30 could replace the lack of this one in helix lt in compare to helix floor. but how i just can do one post per day i ask here too. thanks for your time and following answers
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