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  1. Thanks for the suggestion psarkissian. He doesn't seem to be listed there. Northampton is also pretty far from where I am! Are there no known DIY fixes for this kind of thing?
  2. Hey guys I have a Variax 300 that I have been loving, but the other day i discovered some liquid leaking out of the back. Upon opening the battery compartment I discovered one of the batteries had leaked. I cleaned it up but then my sounds stated going haywire. Sounds were in incorrect places, clycling through or changing on their own, or not working at all. I've disassembled the guitar to check for any battery acid in the main compartment but didn't find anything. I removed the battery pack power lead in case that was shorting something out. Reassembled...same issue :((( Does anybody have any ideas how I can fix/reset/etc this guitar before I bury it in the garden? Thanks Rob