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  1. yeah its a hum i guess, thanks i will! cheers
  2. The global setting fixed the PC audio issue, thanks! Managed to get the amp switching to work however A LOT of noise comes when I activate the lead channel... how do I fix that? Played around with the FX loops outs to instrument/line level but that didnt solve it
  3. Well its a gaming PC which is not THAT old though Ive upgraded CPU etc gradually, the motherboard only has those small headphone outs kind of jack, not sure what theyre called.. Will try the global setting thing, thanks! Using snapshots to enable/disable external pedals, is that done in the Command center? Same as the amp channel switching?
  4. Sadly my PCs soundcard doesnt have any output which lets me connect it to my studio monitors, so it has to go through Helix first, is this not possible?
  5. So I've just recently started using my Helix floor in 4CM with my Marshall Mini Silver Jubilee 2525H and Marshall cab. However there are two things I cannot figure out. How do I control my external pedals and change channels within the amp using my Helix (if at all possible?) The footswitch control changing the channel on my amp is a one sleeve 1/4" cable, theres no midi on my amp. Also is it possible to keep my Helix connected to my PC via USB without playing the sound on my PC through my Marshall cab? Hope someone will be willing to help me.. Cheers!
  6. Yeah I've got this compressor of Jason's at the end of my chain. But yeah, I understand that I I probably won't get the exact same tone however I do believe it shouldn't be that hard to get something close as it's a pretty generic tone afterall (not Eric Johnson or some other stuff). And yeah you're right about the mid scoop, didn't think about that for some reason! Will try to play around with the amp settings / cabs later tonight! Yeah that's true, I can get it to sound okish using Snapshots however there's often short licks or basic palm-muting in between some of the rhythm parts which would then sound really dull.
  7. Yeah I've watched most of Jason's videos but I'm still struggling. Using a TS808 as a mid boost works pretty well however the problem kind of still remains. If I want the rhythm tone to be close enough to the Revelations recording I need to keep the Treble & Presence of the amp (2204) above 8, however playing single notes on the lower strings then sounds kind of dull but if I reduce the Treble and/or Presence the rhythm playing gets muddy, tried to decrease the 500 hz frequency which helped a bit though. Im using the Cali v30 x2 with a 57 mic and a ribbon 1048. Amp is the 2204 with Gain around 3.5, Master at about 6.5, Bass at 8, Treble and Presence about 8 and Middle around 5. Just find it hard to achieve the warm rhythm section's tone without turning it all into mud. It feels like this is a pretty strange problem as Maiden doesn't use a lot of gain to my ears, so finding clarity in the power chords shouldn't be too hard, right?
  8. Hello, so having owned a Helix for nearly a month I figured it's time to try and create some Iron Maiden sort of tone, aiming at the song Revelations. Played around some with some harmonisers aswell for a few guitar melodies. However I seem to be running into the same sort of problem as I did using real amps (also owning a Marshall Mini Silver Jubilee). I seem to be able to get a pretty decent tone for rhythm playing (at least good enough for my inexperienced ears) but when I want to create a lead tone for solos and stuff it's always so icy cold/trebly, any general tips for how to go about that? To create the actual lead tone for solos etc, what to add, delay? volume boost? mid boost? more reverb? any general advice would be most welcome as I'm quite inexperienced with this. Been playing around some with a low & high cut, 10 band EQ which actually made the sound much better for rhythm playing but the same problem seems to be there for soloing etc. Uploaded my preset to customtone, would be very appreciated if someone could take a look! Cheers! https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4205646/
  9. Im currently running the Helix output master at about 1 a clock and the HS7 at +4 db. So I should leave them like that and only adjust the stuff inside the Helix, balancing the volume etc to my current output master and monitor settings?
  10. So ive got my monitors now but got some questions! How should I set them up? Should I just put their volume at 12 a clock and leave it like that and adjust the overall volume on the Helix using the big master volume knob? Getting some weird distortion sound sometimes (digital clipping?) Or should I put the monitorsat max volume to keep the Helix' master volume as low as possible? Also having bought a few of Glenn DeLaunes patches, generally what sort of settings should I adjust to get the best result? Mostly the drive/distortion to fit my guitar I guess but what else? Any general advice?
  11. Alright, could you please send me the link to both a 1/4" cable and a XLR cable that would work with the Yamaha 7? Thanks for all the help guys, getting a (small) grip on this stuff now!
  12. I believe that's incorrect. From what I've understood the PC will run all it's sound through the USB into the Helix (using it as a soundcard) and then out into the monitors. At least that's what happened when I accidentally played some Youtube clip through my Marshall cab lol. Got another question though, if I buy let's say a pair of these Yamaha 7s, I'd then connect 1 of them into the 1/4" jack of my Helix and then connect the 2nd one into another 1/4" jack or into the XLR if I wish, correct? And are these cables usually included when buying the monitors or will I have to purchase them separately?
  13. Alright, so then I'm leaning towards either the Yamaha HS7 or KRK RP6G3, any thoughts regarding these 2?
  14. Looking at some studio monitors now, but I'm not sure what to think regarding the passive vs active speakers. What are the pro's / con's when it comes to using them for Helix?
  15. Yeah I'll look into some better monitors; read some people having issues using adapters etc with Helix so don't think I'll go with that option. Got my Marshall to use for now I suppose. These sort of speakers you talk of are studio monitors right? Such as the one you suggested above? I'd be able to use these for everything I do with my Helix as well with my PC, right? Such as watching movies, listening to music, youtube etc? And if you don't mind yet another question, if I buy a pair of studio monitors for lets say 200-300 euros what will that get me? Will it get me some really good/decent speakers or will I end up buying another pair of new monitors in a year or two for a higher price/quality?
  16. Hello so I've just received my Helix, however I can't seem to find a way to play it through my PC? As far as I've understood if you want to use the Helix through your PC you have to use the Helix as your computer's sound card, so therefore I would have to connect my PC monitors or PC headset into the Helix; however the output jacks of both my headset and PC monitors are too small as I seem to need either an XLR jack or 1/4? Is there something I'm missing here?
  17. Yeah from what Ive read using it through my headset seems pointless. Ive got regular speakers and a subwoofer for my pc, probably included in some PC package deal from 10 years ago, so dont expect too much quality from them but maybe itll be good enough for now? Of course eventually ill look to purchase better monitors for my pc, headset and perhaps even an FRFR cab but for now ive gotta stick to what I have.
  18. Yeah ive watched a few episode there, but doesnt that just cover the "how to build presets" parts?
  19. So as the title says, I just ordered myself a Helix (floor version) and I sure am excited, should arrive by the beginning of next week! Wondering though if I would like to try the different amp models etc out how would I do that best? Playing into the fx loop of my current amp or into my pc by usb? My current gear is a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525H with a matching 4x12 cab, also got a Fender Bassbreaker 007 combo. Other than that I've got a "normal" gaming PC with gaming headset. Some advice and tips that doesnt involve spending more money are most welcome!
  20. So I "discovered" the Line 6 Helix a couple of weeks ago and have since then done a lot of research on it; watching several demos and reviews of it on Youtube, reading forums etc. It seems really amazing and I'm on the verge of purchasing it however I've got some questions before I blow my wallet on this unit, hope I'm on the right forums. 1. I've understood that creating and editing your own tones is pretty simple and that it reacts very close to the real stuff, tube amp pedals etc. However how easy is it to download other people's tones and presets? Is there a lot of good stuff for free or do I have to buy these huge packages with IRs etc? 2. Rack vs the floor unit? Done a bit of research on this but I'm still not sure. I'm a pure bedroom guitarist so I only play guitar sitting at my desk in my bedroom (duh). So seems like the rack is what would fit me best however I'm more drawn towards the floor unit because it seems easier to adjust the settings etc let alone it's cheaper and I wont have to buy a separate foot unit later on. Can't I just put the floor unit on my desk for when I edit my presets and have it on the floor for when I'm just playing? Also is there a program for editing presets for my Helix using my PC? If so the rack unit seems even more useless for me? 3. I've got a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525H and a 4x12 vintage 30s cab, if i want to play my Helix I'd have to run it through the front of my 2525H into my cab right? How would that colour the sound? Same question regarding connecting it by USB to my PC to listen through headphones? Would the sound be fine using a normal PC headset or would I need to buy some studio headphones? Buying a Helix would be stretching my wallet so don't wanna end up having to spend twice the amount for headphones, FRFR cab, midi controller, soundcard, pc software etc etc.. Considering the fact that in 1-2 years I'll most likely be moving into an apartment is what makes this Helix seem really perfect, so this whole connectivity to pc/headphones/recording etc is half the reason to why I consider buying it. 4. Recording? Do I just connect it to my PC to record and thats it? What if I want to use a cam to also record a video of me playing? How would I do that? Sorry for such a long post, hopefully someone will have the time to read through it all and reply. Feel free to link me in any direction where I can find answers for these sort of questions, videos/reviews/demos etc. Short summary: Looking to buy a Helix, and I'm really curious for more information. Feel free to link me in any direction! Best regards!
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