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  1. I was in the middle of the new firmware upgrade and the power went out in my neighborhood from heavy rain and wind. Upon the power returning, I attempted to continue the upgrade and I kept getting a reboot error on my Helix LT, -3 on the screen in top left corner I believe. In addition, the updater could not locate or connect to my unit. I tried different printer cables and still had the same result. However, I have now resolved the problem. You simply need to go into your computer’s programs in the control panel and delete all line 6 helix related files. From there, go to line 6 on the web and download the most recent hx edit 2.80 that will also contain a new updater, drivers etc.... I suspect the drivers that communicate between the helix and the laptop became damaged or corrupted. I opened the updater and it recognized my helix. From there, I downloaded the new update and installed it with no problems at all. Do not forget to back up your files or custom presets before you ok the new install. I know this has been discussed in other posts but I thought I would share my own experience to help others trying to figure this out as it’s annoying. Thus, in this case, it was not my cable.
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