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  1. Thanks. Return being set up.
  2. Thanks psarkissian. A TRS cable initially made no difference but then I started to get a flicker on and off when the jack was inserted and removed. I tried a regular TS cable and it was the same. It is not possible to slowly insert the cable and get a steady holding LED light on the model selector - only a brief flicker on then off. I have the latest USB interfaces drivers installed but there is no digital link available either. I get Connection :USB but ESN (which i presume is the guitar) is "None". Any further ideas before I admit defeat and return the guitar as faulty?
  3. Hi Having waited for almost 2 weeks to get a new charger to test my new Standard - I charged and powered up (4 lights) only to find nothing happens when I push down the model selector switch! I've got a jack plugged in and the volume up. Works fine on magnetic pick ups but no models or alt tuning. I tried removing the knob as I'd read reports of the switch not bottoming out but that didn't help. I'm hoping I'm just making a basic mistake here but it's not looking good. Any ideas? Bought the guitar 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to play any models yet!
  4. Hi My Standard is being delivered this week but I just wanted to get a straight line on power options. My understanding is that I can power the models via the battery or by purchasing a Line 6 fx unit and powering via the digi cable. Is there any way I can power it through the USB interface from PC? If not, is there a power supply option other than fx boards? I don't need any fx and it seems to be a very expensive way of powering the guitar! Thanks
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