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  1. Is there any way to test if the POD XLR socket is broken? I tried 3 different XLR cables (2 of them brand new).
  2. That doesn't work unfortunately - it just increases the volume of the static/gain from the preset which I pick. But still nothing coming out from the mic.
  3. Hi everyone, so here's the scoop.... I have a condenser microphone with Phantom 48V power connected to my POD, in this order: Microphone (BM-800) > XLR Cable > Phantom Power > XLR Cable > POD Mic In. In my POD, Input 1 is set as Guitar + Aux, and Input 2 is selected as Mic. I was not able to get anything out of the microphone at all. Microphone works on its own if I connect it to my computer. I tested everything with my DAW (Fruity Loops) and ASIO drivers - Fruty can't pick up anything from Input 2. Guitar works fine... I even tried setting Mic in Input 1, but nothing happened. Tried using different cables, but that didn't work as well. Tried different presets for vocals but that didn't work. Can you please let me know on how I can solve this? Thanks so much!
  4. Thank you stormstudios and codamedia, very helpful replies. Hardware-wise, I decided that I'll go with a digital piano or synth since I would much prefer a "real" instrument since I'd like to learn piano playing basics as well. So in a nutshell, I'll use it with VSTs in DAW as well as playing it for practice as an independent instrument. But, regarding the connection - most of the synths and pianos within my budget seems to have USB only. Does this mean that I can still output it via POD? Does that mean that it would show up as an Input option here: http://take.ms/vOqdM ....and then I set the Output to go via POD 500? Connection Questions Sorry if I'm being dense, I just want to make sure I'll have the correct setup. Currently I have ASIO POD500 drivers. Everything is connected to POD - my mic, guitar, desktop speakers. With this setup I can play/record guitar while the rest of the song's arrangement is played via DAW and my speakers. Can I do this if I connect synth or piano via USB? I'm asking that since I couldn't do that with my USB microphone - there was no input option for it (only ASIO POD) so I had to record in other software then import it into DAW. For that reason I had to buy phantom power adapter and plug the mic directly into POD so everything is run through ASIO drivers. I see, thank you - I saw that one of the digital pianos which I saw has Aux OUT so I guess that might work in my favor for this setup. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently using my POD500x via Guitar In input to record my guitar through DAW (Fruity Loops). I'm looking to buy either a Midi Controller Keyboard or a Stereo Keyboard/Synth to record its audio through DAW, the same as I use it for the guitar. I don't need controls to control DAW plugins or anything similar - in a nutshell I just need the keys to work so I can record a track, then add plugins via DAW. The problem is that I have no idea what kind of connection do I need to make between the keyboard and POD500x. I've read other threads and people said that they use Aux In from the keyboard and then plug it into the Aux on the POD500x. If this is correct, do I need to look for a synth/keyboard with a Aux In connection specifically? I don't think plugging the keyboard via USB wouldn't help, since I have ASIO POD drivers - with this I wouldn't be able to record keyboard sections while the whole track is playing (drums, bass, etc.) like I do with the guitar. Thanks so much in advance for your help! P.S. Budget wise I was looking at something like Yamaha PSR-E363 (has Aux In), which seems the best option since I noticed that midi keyboards in that range do not have Aux In at all. Other synths/keyboards have only Phones input however I'm not sure if that would work with POD500x.
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