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  1. Hello, new HX stomp user here. First time using any helix product. Running into a wall with the 6 block limit. I wish this thing had at least 8 blocks in future updates. If I run 2 overdrive pedals, amp, ir cab, noise gate, and compressor, I hit my limit. I cannot run reverb, or delay. I cannot even add a fx loop block to add a volume pedal, reverb, or delay pedals externally. If I even had 7 blocks maybe I could add a autoswell block so I wouldn't need my volume pedal for swells. Just please give me 8 blocks. The only way around these limitations is to create similar presets and change presets to replace any particular block with something else. Like change one delay pedal to a different delay pedal because you cannot run 2 in the same path because of block limitations. Even if you wouldn't run them at the same time. I also do not see how to run that initial chain to FOH and also separate chain b to an amp for on stage monitoring without the amp/cabs in the chain. I was able to send a signal chain without the amp/cab to the output jacks for an amp, and a path b with the amp/cab to the front of house using the send jack on the right of the pedal. Don't know if there is a difference between output quality of the send on the right of the unit, and the balanced output on the back of the unit. Maybe someone can enlighten me if the send on the right is also a balanced output also. Managed to hook up a Boss FS-7 to bank up and down my presets. Overall I am very happy with the sound quality. I am tired of carrying my fender tube amps, along with pedalboard around. Much easier to just carry the helix stomp that does effects and digital amp modeling. Once again please increase block limit to 8. thank you
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