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  1. I have a Helix Floor and an HX Stomp. I have updated the presets on my Helix Floor with the new artist presets from Line 6. How can I do the same on the HX Stomp? Sorry if a dumb question... Thanks in advance
  2. I very much appreciate the advice. Several replies here nailed what I am hearing, it sounds like I am sitting in the control room listening to my Marshalls....not actually being in front of them. I am using a powered ElectroVoice ZLX-12P with the helix but the sound out of it is blah....I may be too used to hearing the actual breakup of old 25 watt Celestions mounted in old 1960B cabs. Time will tell on the Helix...i hope it works out...but...it seems to be missng the dynamics of the speaker / cabinet combo as well as the bite of the tubes. Here is a pic of what I am attempting to replace.
  3. I recently purchased a Helix floor model. I have been using Marshalls since the mid 70’s and own a 69’ plexi, a 72’ 50 watt jmp, a DSL-50, several DSL-40’s as well as a DSL-1Cr combo and a few Marshall code modeling amps. In adition I have a number of cabinets including a mid 70’s 1960B checkerboard with blackback Celestion 25watt G12M speakers. I have been very happy with my Marshalls. that being said, I purchased a Helix floor. My goal is to get a very portable rig but still have that Marshall sound. I am running the Helix into a EV ZLX12P powered monitor. I went thru the existing presets and found a few that are ok....the clean sounds on the Helix are good. The lead sounds all sound somewhat sterile....and are missing the Marshall bite. I need help. i have started with the Brit 2204 preset. Please help me dial in this unit......not impressed so far. My 72’ JMP50 with the 1960b cab with blackback slays my Helix....so far. I really want the Helix to work.. thanks in advance.
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