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  1. Yeah, sure, no reason to doubt that. For me it's a convenience thing at this point thou....I'm in a small place, can't crank it up, just getting back into it after many years, blah blah blah.... So having the "smallest" possible set up is a big goal. Helix + PowerCab+ or Helix + FRFR seems like a good idea all the way around, but I can't do both, and I think I can get more overall use out of the PowerCab+, since playing music along from cell phone is not the "primary" goal...does that make sense?? I totally understand what you are trying to relate thou. (BTW, doesn't the PowerCab+ have a "FRFR mode" also?? or did I miss read that somewhere??) Thank you guys for all the input. It has been pretty good so far to get ideas and knowledge from this group! I do appreciate it!
  2. Great. Easy, cheap solution. Thanks again!
  3. Are there any other alternative, cheaper! options, to the factory DC-3G power supply that comes with the PODHD300??? I'm looking at the usual suspects on Ebay and they are as much as $50. Same at Sweetwater...Just poicked up an used unit and the power supply is bent! :( Any for sale anywhere??? Thank you....$50 is crazy!
  4. This makes total sense to me. Thank you! I also use Android Galaxy phone and older I-Pad so the simple Y-cable adapter is exactly what I was hoping for.....I looked at this?? https://express.google.com/u/0/product/17913364531501302955_5788422151783098097_6136318?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=tu_cu&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&gtim=CPHJnZ74qsGUSBD9-sygsP-cujgYsKL1CyIDVVNEKKDWh-AFMP7D9gI&utm_campaign=6136318&gclid=Cj0KCQiAuf7fBRD7ARIsACqb8w4oGTGQPKnjZLjmfSpyLO7i88peORhHXYksPgKifPfQN8NhysEQypsaAlfOEALw_wcB OR.... https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-CMP-153-Stereo-Breakout-Cable/dp/B000068O3C Thank you all for the help. Specially this last post!
  5. Again, this was all initially coming from the fact the Headrush unit has a 1/8" AUX which presumably is the easiest, most direct plug and play solution for 'play along' using a cell phone music
  6. I own SHURE GLX-D wireless now. YOu are right. They were almost $400, and overkill for a home player like me, but I do love it and I've ZERO issues with it. I even use 5 different transmitters (1 on each guitar) with one base pedal and its been great. Easy as pie to set up and go. I know L6 makes good quality wireless too, but I'm keeping SHURE, for sure :) This is a cool tool....but just to clarify, I'm OK NOT being wireless with my phone to the HELIX. I don't use headphones, so anyway to connect the phone to play along with Spotify would prolly be my goal. ...and an easier way???
  7. Thank you for quick response...I don't want to sound (more??) idiotic, but what are we talking about here?? can u expand a little? I get the 3.5mm to the 2TS 1/4" and into the 1-2 RETURNS output thou...
  8. Hey boys, I'm new to modeling; that's the fact. No sense in beating around the bush! In fact, after many years of abandoning guitar altogether, at 52yo, I feel like I'm new to guitar too . Muscle memory is slowly clearing its own cobwebs, so here I am. I'm investigating the purchase of a L6 Helix or Headrush processors as a clean, all-inclusive, hopefully clutter-free solution! These units both seem to have plenty of power and I/O's for pretty much ANY application you can dream up, and certainly much more than I'll ever need.... On the Headrush groups, I was surprised to learn there are wide spread complaints of reliability issues, specially with their USB ports hardware....at least many many owners are reporting that issue. Many firmware /updating issues also, and certainly some warranty (or lack of) response issues. Who knows...to be fair, I love the HR big fat screen and intuitive tablet-like approach, and also the HR Unit has an 1/8" input to use with your cell phone/MP3 to play along to learn new songs and practice at home. This last one to me has great value and something I absolutely will use. So here it comes...how does the L6 HELIX unit work to play along with music stored on cell phones to use apps like Spotify?? If I could, I'd love to be wireless altogether. I see L6 Amplify amps are bluetooth enable, but meh....they ain't no Helix! Thank you guys. This forum is very helpful. Great Administrators too. Good job. ***As a typical newb, if I'm posting this on a subject that has been beaten to death, please direct me to the right thread. But as a new guy, I also promise I've done a ton of reading in this forum already and I'm not finding anything specifically related*** ***I've decided to go with a L6 PowerCab PLUS speaker too. I'd love to hear any thoughts on that too please. Thank you again!***
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