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  1. I actually did try setting the output to Helix Audio and using headphones. I can hear myself play no problem when plugged into the headphones jack of the Helix. However, I still can't record. When I set Helix Audio as the output, I can hear the Garageband clicking through my headphones so it's obviously connected with GB. I just don't understand why I can't record anything.
  2. So I'm sure this has been covered on here before but I can't get any sound on Garageband whatsoever while using my Helix as an interface. I have selected the input on Garageband as Helix and output as built in output as I just want to hear my quiet recording through my Mac's internal speakers. I've also tried inputs 1-8 and the combination of input 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6.I've left my input and output settings on my Helix to Multi as recommended as well. I also downloaded the driver off this site. What am I missing? The USB cable is also plugged in and seems to interact with my Mac as HX Edit works without a hitch. I currently have the Mojave OS. Any suggestions? Thanks. Mark
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