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  1. Tricky2018

    Sonic Port - new IPad Pro

    I honestly can't believe this still isn't resolved. Personally I have abandoned the whole Line 6 setup and moved on to Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre USB. Very disappointing that I now have an expensive paperweight.
  2. Tricky2018

    Sonic Port - new IPad Pro

    Also, waiting. I got the exact same response from Line 6 at the end of November. Haven't tried anything aftermarket, still holding out for an official cable. Bit disappointed the Sonic Port uses a proprietary cable. If I had known this I probably would have looked for an alternative solution.
  3. Tricky2018

    Sonic Port Replacement Cables?

    I have the same request for the Sonic Port. Just bought an iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3 with USB-C. I have raised a support ticket with Line 6 UK.