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  1. Line 6 I BELIEVE is offering free extended warranties on LTs that are registered. I would ask them---they have been great with me. Replaced the second faulty LT with the bigger Helix. Thanks Line 6. With both LTs I had, the pedal became increasingly tight until it snapped. If you are not experiencing that you are probably ok.
  2. you are so right. Thankfully not only is mine registered, but I bought a second party insurance policy that immediately had it replaced. So they had to acquire a new one through Line 6, which sent me the same unit with the defect. I am a gigging musician and just can't afford these kinds of problems. That said, I love the Helix LT.
  3. I have experienced that same broken pedal on my LT. I sent it in and got a new one. This one is having the same problem after just two months. Very, Very frustrating. I don't want a lifetime warranty I want a unit that doesn't keep breaking
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