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  1. I'll try lowering the pickups, but I'm also concerned that this may not be a set-up issue. If not a set-up issue, do you have any ideas about what else may be causing the problem? Are you also hearing multiple simultaneous pitches or dissonant overtones in the recordings I posted? I just want to make sure that my written description isn't misleading.
  2. So what do you think would be the best way to correct it? The action is already fairly high - Should I raise it a bit more? Or is there another adjustment or solution that I should consider?
  3. While using some alternate tunings and playing single notes on my new Variax Standard, dissonant sounds can be heard in a recording (direct into USB interface). What are these sounds? Is there a way to eliminate them? I've attached 2 files. The first file is an example of the problem that I've just described. The second file is an example of a single note with a strange artifact. The artifact heard probably just comes with the territory when using a modeled alternate tuning, but I've included it in case it doesn't and it provides any insight into the primary problem. I'm using the modeled baritone tuning. GhostNotes.mp3 VariaxArtifact.mp3
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