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  1. Thanks, but I tried both oh them. I even tried few cables, and managed to pull knob out and slowly pressed it in. I can hear "click" when pushed down, but no sign of life. I wanted to update firmware, but Monkey/Workbench won't recognize it, probably because it's off.
  2. Ok, I bought new JTV89f, it plays like a charm if used as pasive guitar. But I cant turn on, modality knob "clicks" when pushed in but nothing happens, no light around it so I can see it's turned on (it's pluggen in speaker, so cable is in guitar). Battery full, it's the only thing I can test on it, all green little lights show. Tried to set new firmware over Monkey, but "guitar side" of usb hub is blinking red all the time and it wont' recognize it. Usb side i constantly green. Any ideas?
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