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  1. Thanks, interesting solution, that saves me one block. However, I think I found an amp that sounds very similar to the one I got, the "Woody Blue", less noise and tighter low bass (use 5 strings) :) I like also to route some of the bass direct signal all the way through as a parallel line to mix in, in the end. Effects tend to loose/kill the sub bass. The HX Stump can only have one parallel line. Nice box though, so many ways to interface and it sounds amazing.
  2. Thanks, that does work, however need two blocks doing that, one mono left out and one right mono in, have only 6 max. Would be great to do it in a single block. Have another question though, not 100% related to this, but... The stereo effect loop send, any problem using a mono jack cable in it, does it short the unused output? The main outputs can be instrument or line, but many places they also talk about there are balanced outputs, expect that being done through two stereo jack to XLR, cables, correct? If I manage to find a amp simulation that is close to the Warwick amp sound that I use today, I would like to connect the HX Stomp straight to X32 mixer. We allI use IEM anyway, do not need the bass amp for monitoring.
  3. I'm a bass player trying to use my Warwick bass tube preamp in an effect loop using a HX Stump as explained above. My only problem is that I can't find a way of setting the HX effect loop correctly, it can either be set to be instrument level or line level only, not both (global settings). Is there a way of setting the HX stump with effect loop instrument level out (into amp), line level in (back from amp effect loop send)? I manage to make it work somehow, but I have to set the input level very low to match e.g. when using an internal amp level instead. There are also not very much headroom before the HX make distortion to my bass signal.
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