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  1. Excellent tip, thank you! I would never have thought of that. Well, since I don't plan to use magnetic pickups, then I will lower them as much as possible if that can reduce the warbling. Do you think it would make sense to remove them completely since I don't plan on using them or is it enough to just lower them to minimum height?
  2. Thank you very much for the reply and warning, but since my guitar is not under warranty, that's not a problem. Also, I plan on using only modeling sounds so that also won't be a problem. Thanks again!
  3. Yes if I want to put GK3 OR TriplePlay but I want them BOTH at the same time. There is no enough space for both those pickups. So, can I just remove bridge pickup without worrying about "empty" wires?
  4. Hi! As the title says, I would like to remove the bridge pickup from my Standard. Just remove it, not put any kind of replacement pickup! I wonder is it ok to just remove it and leave everything as it is or do I have to do something with the remaining wires? The reason I want to do that is because I would like to add both Roland GK3 pickup and Fishman TriplePlay on Standard. Unfortunately, there is just not enough space between the bridge pickup and bridge to do that. That way I would have just one electric guitar for all my home-studio needs. Thanks! :-)
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