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  1. Nope, it literally was fine one day and then like it is now the next. Only thing I've ever done is change the strings once, but that was a bit ago.
  2. I have the limited edition green one which worked fine for a while, but suddenly on anything other than the built-in pickups alot of noise and distortion is present in the signal. For example, on the LP model, it sounds like someone has plugged into a high-gain tube amp, dimed the gain, and not made use of a noise gate. The two presets I had created, sitar (clean/alternate tuning) and an acoustic setting (alternate tuning), are barely able to be made out there’s so much strangeness going on. Noise, weird pitch shifting, etc. Recharged the battery & updated firmware to no avail. It’s out of warranty, and nobody local services it. Help!
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