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  1. The official hx power supply works fine just doesn't power up my hx stomp anymore. The actual voltage going currently into the hx stomp is 19v. It's the only voltage that will power it up other than 18v anything under 18v won't work. Currently looking into sending it in for repair.
  2. I realized that 19v powered up the hx stomp by accident. As I was trying my different 9v power supplies thinking my hx stomp power supply no longer worked, I accidentally plugged in a 19v ( thinking it was a 9v) all of the sudden it powered up. It works without any issues, as to how long it will continue to stay that way will remain to be seen although i have been usingit this way for about 4 months now. Also, I only tried the other voltages to see if it worked at a lower voltage but it didn't. Anyhow, I appreciate everyone's taking the time to chime in on this. I think it's weird and I don't know how it got this way in the first place but somethings are too remain a mystery :)
  3. Something weird has happen to my HX Stomp... all of a sudden, it will only power up with 19v of power. The power supply that comes with it will no longer work. I have tried various 9v power supplies (all center negative) 3-5A max output. I have tried 12v... nothing, 15v... nothing 19v... powers up! Anybody seen this before?
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