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  1. Thanks. I prefer the Vonyx choice but that sure is a beautiful PRS strat!
  2. I bought my Helix last December and am still playing around with it using my hands way more than my feet. Just wondering what y'all use when you are playing the Helix when sitting down and don't want the unit on the floor. Bending over constantly is no fun. I assume some sort of heavy duty sheet music stand or adjustable keyboard stand would hold the Helix well but figured I would ask anyway. Thanks.
  3. Thanks to all who responded. I bought the Helix, and after playing with it for a while I have come to the conclusion that almost every sound it makes is colored by the sound of the Mesa, or more likely, the 4x10 Marshall celestion speaker cabinet the Mesa is running through. That is not necessarily bad, but as others have said it does not allow you to experience the Helix at its full potential. So, its now time to research FRFR systems. Back to Google and Youtube because Guitar Center and Sam Ash are worthless. It's always best to hear things in person but as you know going to those music stores is a horrible experience these days. If anyone has any thoughts about the Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus let me know, otherwise I'm sure I will find plenty of opinions about FRFR on other forum postings.
  4. I have been listening to Youtube videos in my office about various units and will most likely go with the Helix. Yes, the cost of it is not that big of deal for me. Most everyone seems to prefer the Fractal system for sound quality but I and my son are not ones who want to spend a lot of time tinkering with things to get it to sound good and it appears the Fractal requires a lot of time. Headrush also seems to be a good sounding unit so I am checking out videos on that one today too. Someone further suggested a Boss GT-1000 but I have researched that and it seems that most everyone prefers other units over that one. I don't like that the HX Effects has no display. All of this is a tough decision for me because the Mesa Boogie Mark IV was such a big part of my youth in the 80's when I used to play in bands. It is such a classic amp with sentimental value. I used to be a hardcore analog pedal guy also but that was 20 or more years ago when all digital stuff was junk. But, when listening to current analog v. digital effects videos I almost always get it wrong and cannot tell the difference. It seems that most pros can't tell the difference either. So, unless someone recommends another brand of unit to check out I will probably get the Helix and use it for the effects only now through the Mesa. Once we have it relatively mastered I can then think about FRFR cabinets. This plan would also give me time to wean myself from the Mesa although with an amp that good I can't imagine it will ever be completely retired.
  5. I have a Mesa Boogie Mark IV combo which my son has taken over. He wants a bunch of effects. I am an old school analog guy who played in bands in the 80's but these new digital processors have come a long way. Rather than buy him the 6 effects he wants for $1,000.00 I would much rather buy him a Helix. However, having to buy FRFR cabinets is an added expense. So, could I run a Helix through a tube amp or is it really designed to work best with a FRFR cabinet?
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