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  1. Just wondering if it will work out using a bass amp, maybe someone has already tried this before. I have a rehearsal tomorrow and I don't want to be disappointed
  2. Hi guys, I have a question. I usually use my Helix for both guitar and bass with FRFR at home. When it comes to playing electric guitar inside of rehearsal space with my band I connect Helix to return of a tube amp and it sounds great. Can I do the same thing with bass? I mean bass - helix input - 1/4 out - bass amp's return (in this case it's Ampeg SVT-3 pro). I want to use amp emulation that my Helix provides
  3. Success. Today I finally tried it again and Helix was super quiet. No excess noise, no hiss. I went through different variations of settings and conclusion is never use amp emulation while playing loud with a tube amp (2 power amps at the same time produce all the redundancies). I used preamp version and everything worked out fine. Thanks you, Chrisnich!
  4. Really appreciate your feedback Sir! First 2 tips are really essential for a beginner like me. I have a decent guitar and cables, also some experience in building the signal chain, so I guess it's all about stop using cabinet emulations with a real cab and start using a preamp instead of "full amp" just like you've mentioned. It was all good when I was practicing at low volume with my 30watt combo amp, now I know the reason why... Anyways, I'll have another rehearsal in a week and see if the problem is fixed!
  5. Hi guys. Today I had rehearsal with my band and that was the first time I tried out my helix with the stack (Mesa dual rect + Mesa recto st). I'm pretty sure I hooked everything up in a correct way (guitar-helix input-1/4 out-amp's return). It sounded fantastic, but unfortunately I had a really strong disturbing hiss sound coming through while playing heavy distorted riffs, especially slow palm-muted parts (metal/hardcore setup) even though i had two noise-gates in the chain. In my helix preset I was using amp simulation (badonk) and double cab sim (Ownhammers IR's). Can you help me out? There's smth I must be doing wrong PS. English isn't my first language
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