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  1. 1. I am so sorry I did not clarify this before, but amp modeling is my priority (thats why I ended up with L6 in the first place). I'm looking for an "all in one" station sort to speak. 2. It is not that I cannot aford it, is just that I want to make a smart investment. 3. I'm aware of that, that's why in the end I went with the 500x :) 4. Glad to know that that you are positive about the future of the 500x. Indeed, a company stopping the production of a product doesn't make it useless; however once a company stops production, prices tend to go lower both on second hand and retail of said product (unless we are talking about "holy grail" kind of thing). As you can probably tell, if I found the 500x cheaper two months after I bought it brand new just because L6 announced its discontinuation. I am so sorry I did not clarify this before, but amp simulation is indeed my priority. As I answered before, my objective with a MFX AMP SIM pedal is to have an all in one station. As for what I meant with the "Helix 2xLite" was an even more stripped out version of the HELIX LT. Maybe I don't understand how the instrument industry works, but it is difficult for me to understand why a company wouldn't make an effort to push its brand new technology to a bigger audience, more so after said technology has been on premium products for a couple of years. But maybe it is not the time yet. Thanks for clarifying the differences beetwen the X and "non X". I am not exactly an "early adopter" kind of guy, and I understand a product like this achieving its "final state" after many years of support where all the glitches and bugs have been corrected and there is nothing more substantial to work on. Throughout the years I have learn that when buying retail, its best to buy on the mid term of the product of choice (maybe Apple have corrupted me in that sense). It is obviously difficult to predict when L6 is going to slash the 500x, but given its number of years and the fact that there is new technology I assumed that the product was close to be unlisted. I've researched some of the products you suggested. They sound like terrific products, however I'm looking for a unit that includes the expression pedal on itself. I am looking for an "all in one" station kind of thing. And as for the editor, I'm a Windows user and I wouldn't be too much concerned about compatibility. Is just that the presentation of the software and it's many changes (or its complete stasis) can sometimes tell you how much more the company is paying attention to such product and how much are they betting on its future.
  2. Hello everyone. I want to buy a mid range ME pedal, and my options so far are Zoom g5n, POD HD500x, and Boss GT-100. Upon lots of research I've decided on the HD500x, but due to tax deduction it is not convenient for me to buy it second hand. Now, I've seen that the HD500x has a few years on the market (even the software looks a bit outdated), and with NAMM 2019 just around the corner I'm starting to suspect that the HD 500x might be going bust soon (the same with the g5n and the GT-100). With Line 6 so adamant in pushing the Helix line, I can't help but picture a future with a Helix 2xLite that ends up replacing the HD500x. Being that this would be my first Line 6 product, I wanted to ask to those who have better knowledge about the brand about the longevity of the HD500x , or any other mid range ME in the market. Thanks.
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