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  1. So, I proved it to myself by going ahead and changing the strings. And of course, the change of tone in the models is exactly as it would be on the real guitars. The ones I'd had on – D'Addario 10-52 – were getting really worn out. I replaced them with GHS Boomers, which I find are brighter than D'Addario or Ernie Ball. Interestingly, the models react differently to the new strings; the change of tone is far more dramatic with the Fender models than with the Gibson ones. And greater still with the acoustic models. Which I reckon is about what you'd get with the real guitars.
  2. I normally keep my guitar strings reasonably fresh, because I like that bright tone. Is string freshness (and brand) relevant with Variax models? My JTV 59 reproduces every other external nuance affecting tone, so this seems reasonable. I know I could test this by simply putting on some fresh strings, but knowing me, I'd be wondering if I was succumbing to confirmation bias/wishful hearing.
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