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  1. Any advice for troubleshooting it, or finding replacement boards? Is it possible to update/reflash firmware?
  2. So I bought a used Spider III 15 on craigslist and it appears to be defective. When I turn it on, it’s stuck on the insane channel and doesn’t respond to any other channel inputs. I’ve disassembled it down to the board to check the contacts on the buttons and everything appears clean with no crap stuck between the contacts. In the course of trying to troubleshoot button function, the tempo button registers pushes, will also register pushes if I hold the metal or insane channel buttons, but not when I hold the clear or crunch channels. I’ve also tried resetting it via holding the clean channel upon startup but that doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m only into it for $60 but I’d like to try getting it operational since it still functions fine on just that channel. What are my options aside from probably paying too much at a local authorized repair shop?
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