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  1. Hey all, I'm using a scarlett 2i2, which I do have to turn down all the way with the input switched to "inst", but it's not clipping so I wouldn't think that's the issue. I'm on a custom windows 10 PC running Cubase Pro 10.5. What sort of driver are you referring to exactly?
  2. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. I can link samples later, but basically I'm getting what seems like Way too much gain from any and all native settings. I've even followed along with videos like this https://youtu.be/5G2USeRcrgI?t=375 and I just blow his tones out of the water gain wise despite using the exact same settings (pre and post IR). Just a bit of tangible evidence for the fact that I think my helix tones also sound weird and muddy compared to what other folks are getting. I know that's a lot harder to measure but the gain issue at least is easily defined and undeniable. Any ideas?
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