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  1. @Bboy19 Wouldn't Factory 2 28B "Gimme +/- 3 Steps" be Lynyrd Skynyrd? And have you given any thought to uploading the spreadsheets into Google Sheets? That way pretty much anyone can access them. No biggie for me since I have Excel, but just a thought. Nevermind. Just did it. I'd like to credit the following: Bboy19 Dshowmusic.com FluidSolo.com Updates appearing the the 2.80 update Everyone in the "Let's put the real name to the presets" thread Ben Vesco When I link to a video, it's the most current one on that preset. Not trying to play favorites. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_IIluwIIHLcT9FdQ3BHlBC_ws0rgIf-m-jgV1aNJhyM/edit?usp=sharing
  2. macuco's suggestion worked for me. I'm running a MacBook Pro with OS Mojave 10.14.2 using the USB cable (with a USB-C) adapter into my newish POD HD Pro X. I went to System Preferences and selected Security & Privacy on the top row of icons I then selected the General tab. I unlocked the lock icon to make changes. Down where it says "Allow apps downloaded from" I had the message "Line 6 Monkey is blocked something something". I clicked the Allow button next to it. I restarted my laptop. When I brought everything back up, I was able to connect to the POD HD Pro X, update the drivers, Flash Memory and USB Firmware. I was also able to successfully connect the Pod HD Pro X Edit software to the unit and download the presets. My Photoshop skills are only slightly worse than my guitar playing, but here's a screenshot of the Security & Privacy screen with an arrow showing where to look for the message about allowing Line 6 Monkey to work. (The message isn't there because I'd already hit the Allow button).
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