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  1. Thank you, and thanks to Kilrahi too. That was good information. I am currently borrowing a standard that a friend of mine changed out the neck and it has some buzz and sustain issues and I’m hoping that’s just due to it not being setup properly. Tomorrow I will be getting a package delivered of a new “Scratch and Dent” Variax Standard and I want to see how that compares to the one I’ve been borrowing. There is also a JTV-89 for sale nearby that I want to compare to the Standard I’m getting, so I just want to gather info now to help me know what to expect. It seems like the JTV-89 will most likely be a better built guitar and I’ll probably end up going that route.
  2. Thanks. How would the build quality of a JVT-89 (non-US) stand up to a Variax Standard?
  3. Hi I am new here and looking to get a Variax JTV-89. As I've been browsing I've come across different models such as JTV-89F, or JTV-89US or even a a JTV-69S. I know the 69 is different than the 89, but what is the difference between an "F", "US", "S" and just a regular JTV-89 with no extra letters? Thanks!
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